Shishi Dogs

I recently did a design of two Shishi dogs for my wife's friend. The project was black and white, but decided to throw some quick tone.

One on the right with the ball is supposed to be male and the other one with the cob is supposed to be female.


Moai Comunicação said...

Hello, Kazu. My name is Fred and I´m from Brazil.
I visited Japan last year and loved it, so this year I decided to make a tattoo in homage to this amazing country and culture. I looked for many references of komainu (shishi dogs) and also found yours, that I liked very much.

I found it on another website, so I didn´t knew who had made it. I made the tattoo and now I could find you, and wanted to let you know that I made a tatto with your drawing (just a few chenges).
I hope it is ok with you and your wife´s friend! Was it made for a tattoo?


Kazu Tabu said...

Hi Fred,

Thank you for the comment.
Yeah, that's totally fine. Thank you for letting me know. I greatly appreciate it.

I did make it for a tattoo for a friend of mine, but she never had chance to put it on. So it's good to know that it's finally made it to somebody's skin:) Hope you're enjoying it!


Markus said...

me too bro, found your drawing and wanted to have them on with a few mods..
big thanks and appreciation for you putting out your craft and allowing people to be influenced by it. Love and peace, bless you brother!