Griffin 2

Thanks anybody who could come to the opening last night. Above are our pieces. Left: portrait of me by Griffin, Right: portrait of Griffin by me. The show is up till July 24. 
And below is a bunch of paintings that Griffin did, and I combined one of his paintings into my painting. 

There was also another version.






Room Portrait Series: Lovejoy Studio 412

I finished coloring the drawing I did of Dave Lovejoy's Studio.

I am trying to do this series of drawings of people's rooms like houses, apartments, offices or studios. I think of these spaces as portrait of the person who live or use in regular basis. Just like the faces of people represent their personalities and histories, their rooms also represent their significance. There are many things people decorate their rooms without realizing the reasons why they do it the way they do, such as placing this pen here and that lamp there. When I draw a portrait of a room, I'm hoping to capture the extraordinariness of their ordinary space. As being an artist, drawing has been my best way of observing what's going on, and I'm really fascinated by the discoveries of things when I draw rooms.

In addition, because these rooms are the person's personal spaces, the artwork probably should look different to the ones who know the space from the ones who don't. I'm also captivated by the idea how the exact same image could give very different experiences based on the audience's attachment to the subject, and yet some images could give very strong impact to no matter who the audience is.

If you want to see more of this series, you can go here.



Old Room Drawings

These are my old drawings from 2004. Top one is my old apartment in Northridge. 2nd and 3rd ones are exterior and interior of this cafe there used to be in Westwood where I had very first art show in 2004 right after college. These drawings inspired me to do this Room Portrait Series.






Face of Another

As I mentioned earlier, my collaboration piece with baby Griffin will be up in this group show "Face of Another." The reception date has been moved by a week to 24th of June, but the show still starts on 17th. Swing by if you are nearby.

group art show of portrait
JUNE 17  to JULY 24, 2012
OPENING RECEPTION: JUNE 24, 2012 from 5 to10pm

11301 Olympic Blvd, #124 Los Angeles, CA 90064
M-F 7am-10pm, Sat&Sun 10am-10pm


KazuTabu Tshirts Design Company

I have been painting my own T-shirts since last year when Yu found the fabulous fabric painting medium at the local art supplies. I didn't document any of them last year, but maybe I should. All these are hand-painted so these can not be reproduced exactly, but if you are interested, I can make one for you!!


Room Portrait Series: Lovejoy Studio 412

I finished penciling the superb studio of Dave Lovejoy. Since I really wanted to included the outside wall, I came up with this perspective. I'm not sure if this was the best solution, but I'm liking how his amazing sculptures are starting to create the machinery look, which I was expecting. Now I'm ready to color it.



This is my friend's baby, Griffin. A portrait that I did of him (not this one, I created another one and I chose that one for the show) and a portrait of me that he's going to do today (Yes, this 4-month-old baby will paint!!) will be in this group show "Face of Another" at Balconi cafe. The opening is on June 17th, Sunday. Come check it out!

Balconi Coffee Company
11301 W. Olympic Blvd. #124 Los Angeles, CA 90064