Figure Drawing #16

This week's figure drawing. The new session just started, (It actually started last week, but I couldn't make it because I had to go to my friend's wedding) so this is first time in a little while. This session is 12-week session instead of 6 weeks like before. So, it's a little more commitment. I hope it's going to do well  for my skill improvement.

The first class in any session is always like catch-up for me, so I spent most time adjusting myself back to the life drawing mode. I didn't like any of the longer poses like 10mins and 15mins, so I decided to post ones from 5-min poses. I thought the one above was pretty interesting pose.


A building

This sketch was drawn during this summer while I was waiting for my friend. I would be surprised if anyone can guess where.


Little Boy

Every week, I do at least 2 pages of sketches on my little sketchbook. I've been doing this for years now. And when I have spare time, I pick a drawing and practice my coloring with photoshop.

I did the original drawing of this one on Aug 6th 2o11. I don't remember exactly what I was thinking, but I do remember remembering it was the day the atomic bomb "Little Boy" was dropped in Hishoshima 66 years ago. I think I was wishing if the atomic bomb were something more comical like this.

Now I just remember Otomo Katsuhiro did something very similar a long time ago with watermelon. oh well...


The Lost Thing

This is very cute. Love the art direction.

Directed by Shaun Tan


Summer Ends

We just had what it seemed like the hottest days of the year. It cooled down quite bit over night. It looked as if it were the last finale to celebrate the end of the summer. We don't have so much of Fall around here. It's going to be our "usual"or "normal" weather which we seem to have 3/4 of a year.


Done When It's Seen

I started making this piece a while ago. (It started out like this.) I got distracted in the middle, and having some time off made me not want to continue. But, I finally made myself get back to it a few weeks ago, and was pretty close to be done. However, I kept retouching and changing here and there, and now I have come to the conclusion that I just have to stop.

So here it is.
I think it's done. I'm glad that I didn't give up.
This is how I wish everything would be after.