Wedding Wedding Wedding...

This is the painting I did for my friend's wedding a few months back.
He's one of my best friends, whom I consider almost like my family.
We all met in this high school at which we had to live in the dorm for 2 years and spent almost every night doing some crazy stuff.
We now all do different things but still keep in touch.

I did one painting for one of the friends for her wedding in 2007.
Last year in 2008, two other friends from the same school got married (two separate weddings). I did one painting for one of them.
And again this year, two more friends from the same group had their weddings. (This painting is for one of them. I haven't had a chance to finish a painting for the other one yet, but I will.)

Then I'm having my own wedding in next month (although we actually got married last year), and I've been doing some artwork for my own wedding as well.

I think there definitely is some kind of influence to each other about this wedding thing.
And I think I've got some good experience as a wedding painter by now.


Creepy Smile

A study of old man's face.
This smile creeps me out a little.





それにしても、ある仲のよい友達がMidnight Lightningっていう

英語で垂壁を登る事をface climbという。


Anger Management

I wonder why people fight.
Whatever the reasons are, we always compete with one another. Actually, if you think about it, it's not just people who fight. Pretty much every creature on this planet fights to survive. Even plants.

I wonder if this competitive spirit is a source of energy which makes everything alive.

An healthy Western society thinks that war is wrong and wants the world to be peaceful. (although governments sometimes need war for better economy)

The earth or the nature has never asked for peace.
In nature, whatever that wins a fight survives and leave offspring.
It never seeks for peace, but it balances out by itself and creates peace as a whole.

But, for humans, we have to be wanting peace to have peace.
I wonder if we could still be around if we all stop fighting and become very peaceful beings.
I don't think we can....because we would lose one of our purposes to be here.

I like peace and I want peace.
Thinking about such things makes my head spin.
But, it's strange that accepting the fact that we are made to fight makes my mind a little bit peaceful somehow.



I just had a great 30th birthday last weekend.
My wife and I together did a bunch of activities like biking, karaoke, eating, and movie, and she ordered this special custom cake for me.
An apple-shape chocolate sponge cake with banana filling.
Why apple? Just because...
Anyway, It looked cute and tasted soooo gooooood.

I'm just grateful that I'm here, and I want to thank everyone.

Elephant Recycle

I don't think any other living things on this planet besides humans think like, "this is good for nature", or "we have to protect the earth."

Of course, they don't have a brain to think about such things. But, more importantly they are the nature and they don't need to think about that to be in it.
They can be pretty selfish and still be a part of it.
Nature usually takes care of itself without having somebody worrying about it unless humans step in and mess with it. The destructions happen but that's also a part of it.

Since when humans became outside of the cycle?
Maybe we still are part of it in different perspective.
It just that when people came up with the concept of nature, we weren't in it.