Wedding Wedding Wedding...

This is the painting I did for my friend's wedding a few months back.
He's one of my best friends, whom I consider almost like my family.
We all met in this high school at which we had to live in the dorm for 2 years and spent almost every night doing some crazy stuff.
We now all do different things but still keep in touch.

I did one painting for one of the friends for her wedding in 2007.
Last year in 2008, two other friends from the same school got married (two separate weddings). I did one painting for one of them.
And again this year, two more friends from the same group had their weddings. (This painting is for one of them. I haven't had a chance to finish a painting for the other one yet, but I will.)

Then I'm having my own wedding in next month (although we actually got married last year), and I've been doing some artwork for my own wedding as well.

I think there definitely is some kind of influence to each other about this wedding thing.
And I think I've got some good experience as a wedding painter by now.

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