Yu and I recently created this piece together for Yu's friend's wedding.
I made the box and the painting on the left side, and she created the found-object 3D collage on the right.

I like collaborating.
It's fun and inspiring.


Workful Days

It's been a very busy month since October started. Haven't had a chance to write much, though I have still been sketching in same weekly basis. It seems many companies decided to spend their money for the last quarter to make up for the stupidly unstable year. Luckily I still have my job...

The image on the top is my work style.
I pencil and color, depending on the needs.
Although it hasn't exactly been a easy situation to work with, not everything was so bad this year. I'm definitely grateful that I could learn how to color. (before I was just a penciler)

The image on the right is my personal sketchy style.
I personally like the looseness and imperfect look.

Which one do you like better?