Figure Drawing #30

This was my third time having this model.
Even though she's such a good model, I remember I always have a hard time drawing her for some reason. Especially on her face. Compared to the last two times (last Oct and almost a year ago), I feel I'm getting the forms and gesture of her poses a little better, but still not succeed on her face.

I just realized that it's been a year since I started taking this figure drawing class. My first one was on Jan 29, 2011, and I have been posting it here ever since.  Although I'm still struggling so much that I have been feeling I need a good instructor to improve my foundation, and that otherwise I would be going in a circle doing the same thing over and over, and that I never could draw like those greatest artists who can draw amazingly, I do feel a little more comfortable drawing figures now. What do you think?


Happy Birthday To Yu

She is such a eater!


Figure Drawing #29

If you've seen enough of my figure drawings, you may recognize this model. He has quite distinguishable features.
I've been trying to overlap each drawing a little more in attempt to create some interesting composition as a whole, like a collage, or like these awesomely drawn sketches by this artist, and realized how hard it is. I think I'm gonna keep trying.


Back In Business

Just picked up my new piece framed today.
It will be showcased at Balconi Coffee Company in West LA. Check it out if you are nearby. It's a pretty cozy café. The opening will be on March 4th, Sunday, and it'll be there for a month.

The official announcement is to be made soon!

P.S. did you know the difference between hung and hanged?  Posters are hung; convicted killers are hanged. Wonder why...



Happy Valentines!





Figure Drawing #28

Yesterday's figure drawing class was pretty good. I don't actually have any particularly favorite drawings, but it was really fun to draw that model because she had exceptionally dynamic poses and I happened to sit in a pretty good location which had a few interesting foreshortening views.

She seemed pretty old (maybe in her 50s or 60s), but she could keep those crazy yoga poses very well. I'm not here to criticize the model (which I've been doing quite often here and I should stop and I should start criticize my own drawings more) but those great poses drew me into the good drawing zone.


Self Portrait

A conceptual self-portrait. I'm happy with how this one came out. Though it doesn't show much of my face and can't really tell if it's me, it's conceptually telling something about me, at least current me.


Figure Drawing #27

Today's model was very dull. He had many of the very same poses, just facing different directions. However, since he had pretty nice facial features, I focused on drawing his head. I thought some of them came out pretty good.


Sneak Peek

This is a little sneak peek of what I'm currently working on. Trying to get the right color scheme, I picked a little section and did a quick color study. The New work should be posted in a week or two. Stay tuned!!