More samples

These are more samples I created recently for an advertising storyboard job.
I heard that there is a trend in an advertising industry for a more quick sketchy expressionistic style than a tight realistic style which was very popular when I started working in this business 10 years ago. It probably changed after the recession of 2008 when people lost lots of money and became in need of things in much less time with much less money.

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SILA Illustration West 52

Great News!! These two pieces got accepted to the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles annual juried show!! 
There was an opening reception last Friday at Center Stage Gallery in Burbank. Sadly I couldn't make it because I'm here in Japan but it's nice that I get to show my pieces to different people remotely. SILA also launched a web page for these selections.


One of them was in Japanese but I wrote about these pieces before if you want to know more about them.

Joyous Life Of Hippopotamus

Beauty and Sorrow

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Loose Samples

I created some style samples for work.
It's been a little while since I worked something this freely.
I had forgotten how enjoyable it could be.
I really like working in this loose expressionistic style.
It's quick, fun, and playful.

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