Room Portrait Series: Lovejoy Studio 412

I finished coloring the drawing I did of Dave Lovejoy's Studio.

I am trying to do this series of drawings of people's rooms like houses, apartments, offices or studios. I think of these spaces as portrait of the person who live or use in regular basis. Just like the faces of people represent their personalities and histories, their rooms also represent their significance. There are many things people decorate their rooms without realizing the reasons why they do it the way they do, such as placing this pen here and that lamp there. When I draw a portrait of a room, I'm hoping to capture the extraordinariness of their ordinary space. As being an artist, drawing has been my best way of observing what's going on, and I'm really fascinated by the discoveries of things when I draw rooms.

In addition, because these rooms are the person's personal spaces, the artwork probably should look different to the ones who know the space from the ones who don't. I'm also captivated by the idea how the exact same image could give very different experiences based on the audience's attachment to the subject, and yet some images could give very strong impact to no matter who the audience is.

If you want to see more of this series, you can go here.



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