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About an year ago, I was commissioned to create an illustration of a budgie for a friend of mine. This past year, I was too busy moving from the U.S., where I lived for 15 years, back to Japan, but finally got some time to do my own art. The whole moving thing definitely influenced my art for sure. Neither good nor bad. Simply a change.

Things are going surprisingly well. Almost too well. I became a freelance illustrator half an year ago in order to manage my time more efficiently. There is a handful of work but not stressful amount. Just perfect.When I get tired, I would go for a walk for 15 minutes from my apartment, and I would be surrounded by the quiet peaceful nature, which changes its color daily in Japan's distinctive seasons. 

There used be reasons that I couldn’t make art before. I tried removing these complains one by one, and now all is gone. Nothing outside of me should bother me any more. The problem is only from within. I have no more excuses. I just have to do it. This piece is a good starting point. I'm hoping.

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Régine said...

It is a beautiful work, I love to have seen it today. Your story is inspiring as well. I have quit my job and work from home as an artist since a few weeks.
It is an excellent start, i'll say and i look forward to see more work from you !

Much Love and Blessings on your path

Kazu Tabu said...

Thank you Regine!
It means a lot coming from you.
Sometimes it's a bit scary how perfect things are, but I accept it and I'm looking forward to what's coming next.
I miss SPACE in South Pasadena. Hopefully I will have a show there sometime again.