I've been wanting to have an artshow. I want to do a solo exhibition, which I have never done. I'm thinking if I put together a bunch of small weird conceptual pieces, it would be fun to watch.

When I think about artshows, I also think about my artist statement. Why I create art and what's my inspiration? That kind of stuff.
My art often reflects what I think at the moment. As you might know if you know me well enough, I think too much. I try to think one way and at next moment try to think the other way, completely opposite. And so on...
I guess I want to share my thoughts and different ways of understanding of things through my art, and if I can make the audience think about possibilities of a mind that was different from his/her original thought, I would be happy.

An old friend of mine from college is having an artshow this weekend. So is my co-worker. I want to go check them out, at least one of them. I'm sure it'll be inspiring.

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