Summer Has Come!!

Finally it's getting hot over here. I want to go camping, swimming, or just laying on the beach.

I went to the Hollywood Bowl to see Cibo matto and YMO last weekend. Everything was really awesome (really happy to see Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Cornelius on the guitar. I enjoyed Buffalo Daughter and Towa Tei's DJ for intervals,) but I have to say I was most impressed by the secret guest Yoko Ono.

She is so crazy that I almost forgot about everything else I saw that night. I had heard how crazy she'd been doing and had seen some clips of her singing, but, oh man, she was much much more than I expected. She's a crazy son of a bitch who can't sing but definitely got something else (I can't really explain what). Can't believe she's 78 years old.

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